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persian tar ghader panah
Ghader Panah tar is one of the oldest musical instruments in Isfahan which has a great record of service ,about 25 years . The professional instruments of this brand are really nice and have a superior quality.
This instrument is a model for instruments that are made by professor Yahya. They are also flawless ,beautiful and unparalleled in case of shape and form.
The neck and headstock of instrument has been made of walnut wood. The neck front plate has been made of the best bones which are really nice and limpid.
6The neck of instrument is completely standard so that your fingers feel comfortable on it. The strings also sit very well ( in the best possible way)under your hands and fingers.
All the notes, from the high to the low, gives the best possible sound which is precisely coordinated with the piano notes.
The bowl of tar sit on your feet comfortably so that make it possible for you to play easily.
This instrument is a professional choice . It’s also the best choice for playing in the concerts and studios .
This instrument has been responded well,for all types(styles) of music and in terms of sound quality, it is superb for Esfahan and Tehran academies.
In conclusion, we can say that this instrument is a completely professional and an extraordinary choice for the professional musicians.
With cow skin of Tar
With a hard case (free)
2 pack  string & 1 mezrab & 1 dvd learning & 1 Skin (free)


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